Feature Film, 2015

“Olivier and James’ romantic break in the South of France is interrupted by the sudden arrival of Caroline. Friendships are questioned; sexuality tested.”  Wasp is the debut feature from writer/ director Philippe Audi-Dor.  Set in the South of France, the film is available in the US on DVD and VOD and will be released in September 2015 in the UK.

We shot this film in September 2013 on location at Philipe’s family home in Gordes, Provence in France.  The location was stunning and we had an incredible time making the film.  This was my first feature film and my first project after graduating from Drama Centre, and I had been acting full time for just over 18 months at this point.  I learnt a huge amount working on it – both as an actor and as in individual.  Being straight and playing a character who identifies as gay was a challenge but I tried to draw from my own life to identify with the experience that Olivier goes through in the film.

Written & Directed by Philippe Audi-Dor
Produced by Philippe Audi-Dor & Blue Shadows Films
US Distribution: Breaking Glass Pictures
UK Distribution: Matchbox Films
Netherlands Distribution: Arti Film
Worldwide Sales: Wide Management

Festivals and Awards:

Best International Feature – FilmOut San Diego
Best Actress – FilmOut San Diego
Official Selection – FilmOut San Diego
Official Selection – Boston LGBT Film Festival
Official Selection – Rozedagen Film Festival, Netherlands

Press and Reviews:

Simon Haycock’s interview with Entertainment Focus can be seen here.

Director Philippe Audi-Dor interview with Edge Media Network – “All three actors deliver superb performances but Haycock is most affecting as Olivier. And while the part is well written (“Olivier is by far the one I identify the most with, so writing him wasn’t too difficult,” says Audi-Dor), Haycock brings unexpected nuance to the enigmatic turn. “Though Simon never experienced what his character goes through, he managed to draw parallels from past experiences, which helped him a lot,” the director states. “We also talked at length about the character and my own experiences as a young man somewhere between being gay and straight. At the end of the day, regardless of sexual orientation his character is simply someone who goes through an identity crisis that affects his relationship. That is something many of us have been through, and makes the character easily relatable.”

Edge Media Network (USA)- “Haycock and Condron deliver crackling performances; Bolton’s role is less juicily written, but when his character is allowed to let loose, it’s hair-raising.”

Telegraaf (Netherlands) – With a talented cast, a minimal budget and his own house twist as location, Swiss filmmaker serves an interesting story in the gay & amp; lesbian-film genre. – the link is via Google Translate to translate from Dutch into English.

Entertainment Focus (UK)- “Audi-Dor has assembled a stellar cast for the movie with all of the leads equal to one another in terms of their performance. Simon Haycock does a great job of conveying Olivier’s conflict through his emotive performance and he has superb chemistry with both Hugo Bolton and Elly Condron. Bolton makes what could have been a fairly flighty role rather meaty and Condron has great fun playing the devilishly manipulative Caroline. The trio works really well together and they really excel in the scenes where the tension threatens to boil over.”

Shine Squad (UK) – “This is a break out movie for all involved –  with delicious performances, by turns funny, poignant and destructive from the cast of three – Hugo Bolton (James)Elly Condron (Caroline) and Simon Haycock (Olivier).”